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Quantifying Social Media
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Stock Market Signals From Social Media Trade Followers Features
Social Media Stock Trade Signal
Trade Followers sifts and scores financial messages on social media and converts them into easy to use technical analysis indicators and stock lists

Time your trades with other traders on Twitter

Make stock selection and portfolio construction easy with stocks showing the most bullish and bearish sentiment on Twitter

Strongest, Most Bullish, Weakest, Most Bearish, and Most Active Stocks on Twitter
  Stocks that have consistent support or opposition on social media
  Watch Lists of stocks turning bullish or bearish. Personal watch list to track the stocks that interest you.
  Sector and Industry relative strength over several time frames
  Improve your trading and investing with technical analysis, trend, breadth, and index relative strength indicators from Twitter
  Download TradeFollowers Daily Momentum Indicator for use in your own chart package or for back testing and statistical analysis

How The Trade Followers Technology Works

Read Twitter Stream

Collect Financial Social Media

Scan Twitter stream for tweets about stocks and companies

Calculate Twitter Stock Indicators

Quantify Tweets


Score tweets based on actions, events, fundamentals, technical analysis, observations, and opinions

Result of Indicators

Create Stock Market Indicators

Compute social media momentum indicators and create bullish, bearish, and momentum lists

Time Your Trades With Momentum on Social Media

Example Trade Setup

  • Positive divergence between Trade Followers Momentum and stock price shows accumulation and positive interest from traders and investors on Twitter

  • When positive momentum on social media overwhelms negative momentum it indicates buyers sentiment is out pacing sellers

  • A long trade setup is generated when the down trend in Trade Followers Momentum is broken to the upside

  • Predict the stock market direction using Twitter momentum on the indexes

  • More technical analysis chart patterns from social media
Personal Stock Watchlist

Start Your Portfolio Construction and Stock Selection With a Better List of Stocks

Strongest Most Bullish Stocks on Twitter