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Relative strength of stock market sectors from market participants on Twitter

Market Overbought

Last week, sector sentiment gleaned from the Twitter stream had every sector positive. When this occurs a short term market top materializes usually within the following week. Once in a while, the sectors will paint another week with all of them in positive territory, then the top comes. Basically, when every sector is being bought […]

Rotation Amid Overbought Conditions

Most Bullish Stocks on Twitter

Over the past three weeks (since the US election) we’ve observed a major rotation from safety into leading sectors by watching the bullish and bearish lists. Take a look at the bullish stocks on Twitter over the past 3 weeks and you’ll notice financials, consumer products, retail, and energy dominating the list. Now lets look at the list of […]

Encouraging Signs


Although Twitter sector sentiment predicted a short term top in the market last week, there are some encouraging signs popping up this week. First is breadth between the most bullish and bearish stocks on the Twitter stream. It is finally showing some positive momentum. The number of bullish stocks started to increase as soon as the […]

Everyone is Waiting, But…


I’m seeing strong signs from the Twitter stream this week that everyone is simply waiting for something to happen. But sector sentiment is showing an overbought condition with every sector printing positive sentiment readings. Almost every time this happens it marks a short term top. The few times this indicator has failed, the market rallied […]