Long Watchlist

By | February 18, 2015

As the market is starting to break out to new highs there are a lot of stocks entering the long watchlists. Below are the stocks that entered the most bullish stocks of the past two weeks list at the close yesterday. These stocks have had recent events that have turned them bullish or are attempting to make bottoms or end a period of consolidation. Basically the Twitter stream has moved from neutral to bullish on these stocks over the past two weeks.


Subscribers should start tracking these stocks (and ones from the other watchlists) for newly created momentum trends. Here’s an example of a potential trade for Expedia (EXPE). After a period of consolidation it is now painting a positive divergence with price from the last two short term lows. It is getting close to breaking the short term down trend line in 7 day momentum. If it can break that line it will be a buy signal. This signal will stay in effect until the newly created uptrend in 7 day momentum is broken to the down side. There are a lot of other stocks showing positive signs like EXPE so be sure to take a quick look at all of the charts for the best setups to trade on the next leg higher in the market.


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