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Testing The Water


During the past week it appears that investors are starting to test the water. As the market retested the August lows, traders on Twitter started to accumulate more than just the extremely beaten down stocks. The one week bullish list shows a number of stocks that have corrected roughly 20% from their recent highs. This […]

Take More Profit or Close Apple Trade


On February 24th we suggested it was time to take some profit in the Apple (AAPL) trade from 1/23/15. A few days ago 7 day momentum from StockTwits broke below its uptrend line. As we mentioned in the above post, it’s time to take more profit or close the trade with a nice profit. Please […]

Look to Take Profit in Apple

Twitter sentiment for Apple AAPL

On 1/23/15 subscribers were able to see a buy signal for Apple (AAPL). Since that time AAPL is up almost 15% and is extended well above its 50 day moving average. Trade Followers momentum from both StockTwits and Twitter are still confirming the uptrend, but is getting close to over bought levels. By taking a […]

Apple Buy Signal


We posted this chart of Apple (AAPL) on StockTwits and Twitter earlier this week. It shows a buy signal for AAPL that subscribers were able to see during its recent consolidation. Momentum from both Twitter and StockTwits are currently confirming the break to new highs in price. If you made the trade then you’ll want […]

Most Bullish Stocks on Twitter and StockTwits


After a short term bottom in the market an easy way to find the next set of leaders is to check and see which stocks have the most support from people on Twitter and StockTwits. Here are the list of the most bullish stocks on the streams over the past two weeks (ending 8/20/14). FYI, […]