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Wait for a Signal


I’ve written before about the importance of discipline in trading. Last September I highlighted why it was important to close a trade if Twitter momentum was failing. This week we had an example of staying disciplined by not entering a long trade until the bulls overwhelm the bears on Twitter. On Monday I posted potential trade […]

Time for a Bounce in Resource Stocks


I’m starting to see good oversold washouts in sentiment from Twitter for various resource stocks. Many are painting patterns that provide low risk long trades. The first example is a gold miner’s ETF (GDX). 7 day momentum has painted a positive divergence after an oversold reading and has now moved above its confirming down trend […]

Emerging Market Short Signal Update


In early December I noted that 7 day momentum on Twitter was predicting lower prices for emerging markets (EEM). My expectation for the trade was that EEM would fall to either the January 2014 or June 2013 lows. Here’s the chart that accompanied my notice of the trade setup. The trade made it to the […]