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Wait for a Signal


I’ve written before about the importance of discipline in trading. Last September I highlighted why it was important to close a trade if Twitter momentum was failing. This week we had an example of staying disciplined by not entering a long trade until the bulls overwhelm the bears on Twitter. On Monday I posted¬†potential trade […]

Time for a Bounce in Resource Stocks


I’m starting to see good oversold washouts in sentiment from Twitter for various resource stocks. Many are painting patterns that provide low risk long trades. The first example is a gold miner’s ETF (GDX). 7 day momentum has painted a positive divergence after an oversold reading and has now moved above its confirming down trend […]

Not A Lot of Damage

Stocks with bearish sentiment on Twitter

On days that the market falls more than it has in recent weeks it’s good to look at the stocks that had the most bearish tweets during the day. What we look for is recent leaders because leaders leading to the downside warns that the market is likely to correct. Back in mid September the […]

Make or Break Time for Gold Stocks


At the first of January our Twitter momentum indicator for gold stocks (GDX) gave a buy signal. If you’ve followed our trade plan for GDX you have either closed the trade or are still holding one third of the position. Momentum broke the uptrend on the 28th of January. This was the signal to close […]

Gold Stock Sentiment Still Holding Trend


A few weeks ago I posted some information on how to manage our current gold stock trade. Here’s a quick update to the chart. Currently, momentum calculated from traders on Twitter is still holding trend, but is getting close to breaking lower. Keep an eye on this over the next few days as a signal […]

Time to Watch Gold Stock Trade Closely


At the first of the month subscribers to Trade Followers were able to see a long trade setup for gold stocks (GDX). The buy signal for GDX was a result of several factors. Trade Followers momentum started a down trend in September. The downtrend indicated that traders were selling shares and becoming more bearish on […]

Still Waiting on Precious Metals


It’s been three months since I’ve commented on gold (GLD) and gold stocks (GDX). The reason is that precious metals have mostly been falling and momentum on both StockTwits and Twitter haven’t painted a clear picture. The indicators show that traders have been chasing and sentiment gold is currently based more on emotion than anything […]