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Still Waiting on Precious Metals


It’s been three months since I’ve commented on gold (GLD) and gold stocks (GDX). The reason is that precious metals have mostly been falling and momentum on both StockTwits and Twitter haven’t painted a clear picture. The indicators show that traders have been chasing and sentiment gold is currently based more on emotion than anything […]

Gold Update


On 8/25/14 we officially closed our long call on the gold miner’s ETF (GDX). In that post we stated that the stock and momentum didn’t move the way it should after a buy signal. Today the gold ETF (GLD) broke below the rising trend line that had supported price. In addition, it broke down from of […]

Precious Metals Showing Positive Momentum


I’m seeing a buy setup for aggressive traders in the Gold Miner’s ETF (GDX).  Momentum from both Twitter and StockTwits has confirmed the recent short term rally in GDX. After several weeks of consolidation, momentum is now breaking higher. This creates a low risk long opportunity in GDX. The signal will close if the confirming […]