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Chasing Continues


The Trade Followers Momentum indicator for the S&P 500 Index (SPX) continues to show chasing by market participants. Traders are jumping quickly from one side of the market to the other as price moves in large daily swings. The chasing increases instability because traders are not committed to positions. This shows up as Twitter and […]

Warnings Cleared


Most of the consolidation warnings issued for market indexes on 12/9/14 were cleared during the rally last week. Here’s a quick update of the two I consider most important (S&P 500 Index – SPX and Small caps – IWM). The general message is that odds favor higher prices into the end of the year. A […]

Indexes Trying To Clear Warnings


On 9/28 our social media indicators were warning of lower prices for the indexes. Today they are trying to clear those warnings. Here are the updated charts. Small caps (IWM) were the first to warn and the first to break back above the confirming down trend line. Bargain hunting and short covering have helped small […]

Watch Investor Action


I’m seeing the same type of pattern being painted between traders and investors as I did in late August where traders had bought the bounce in small caps (IWM), but investors (RUT) didn’t. You can read that post for details on the pattern. The short story is traders are buying small caps and investors aren’t. […]

Odds Favor Lower Prices


Social media momentum indicators for the S&P 500 Index (SPX) continue to suggest lower prices are ahead. Last week we noted that traders on Twitter were chasing price and that it should cause some instability. That turned out to be the case as market indexes had 1% moves in both directions. This is another indication […]