Time for a Short Term Top

By | August 14, 2016

Sector sentiment from the Twitter stream is signalling that a short term top is near. In the past, we have almost always had a short term top within a few days when all sectors had positive sentiment. On the few instances that a top didn’t occur, the next week had all positive sectors again… then the top came. Buying across all sectors near a high in an overbought condition with a good track record of marking highs.


Price targets gleaned from trader’s tweets is showing there isn’t much upside potential. Almost everyone is tweeting 2200 for the S&P 500 Index (SPX), but no higher. That suggests heavy resistance at that level, which makes it a good place for the short term top to start.


Daily sentiment readings for SPX are somewhat lackluster. This is keeping 7 day momentum and sentiment hovering above the zero line even though the market is trying to push higher. This indicator is showing a lack of conviction, which adds weight to the impending top argument.


Another indication (in addition to sector sentiment) that the buying is widespread comes from breadth calculated between the most bullish stocks on Twitter and the most bearish. The bullish count continues to rise with the market. That indicates a greater number of stocks are being aggressively bought. If you look at the list of bullish stocks from the last month you’ll see the buying is spread across leading sectors, which is a positive sign for the intermediate term.



Lackluster daily sentiment, overbought sector sentiment, and very few tweets calling for prices above 2200 on SPX suggest a short term top is near.

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