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Trade Followers Features

Technical Analysis Indicators  
Technical Analysis Indicator from Twitter
Strongest and Most Bullish Stocks
  • Find the best stocks using those with the most support from traders and investors on Twitter

  • Make portfolio construction easy by starting with a list of stocks that have strong support on social media
Most Bullish Stocks on Twitter
Weakest and Most Bearish Stocks
  • Find the stocks with bearish sentiment, chart patterns, and fundamentals where market participants are tweeting negative comments

  • Search for short trade ideas from the least favored stocks
Most Bearish Stocks on Twitter
Most Active Stocks
  • Find the stocks that people are talking the most about on Twitter

  • The most active stocks have the potential to move fast

  • Quickly see what stocks had important events
Most Active Stocks on Twitter
Stocks With Consistent Momentum
  • Stocks that have consistent support on social media over long time periods

  • Stocks that lack support over long time periods by market participants

  • Positive momentum stocks are candidates for buying dips and trend following strategies

  • Negative momentum stocks are candidates for short selling strategies
Stocks with Momentum on Twitter
Alerts and Trade Setups
  • Find important events that impact the positive or negative status of a stock on social media

  • Watchlist alerts show stocks quickly gaining or losing support on the stream

  • Find stocks breaking major resistance, making new highs, or breaking out of a cup and handle pattern

  • Watchlist alerts highlight stocks making bottoms and tops
Stock Watchlist from Social Media
Index Relative Strength
  • Quickly see indexes and index ETFs gaining or losing support on Twitter

  • Identify rotation from small capitalization stocks to large

  • Spot divergences between indexes

  • Determine which indexes have support or weakness over several time frames
Relative strength of stock market indexes on Twitter
Sector & Industry Relative Strength
  • Quickly see sectors and industries gaining or losing support on Twitter

  • Identify rotation between sectors and industries

  • Find sectors and industries that have strong or weak relative strength over several time frames
Relative strength of stock market sectors and industries on Twitter
Stock Market Trend and Breadth
  • Detect turning points in the market trend with the relationship between stocks with strong and weak support on Twitter

  • Stay on the right side of the stock market with predictions from Twitter breadth

  • When breadth is positive long trades have a higher probability of success

  • When breadth is negative short trades increase their success rate
Stock Market Breadth on Social Media
Personal Watchlist
  • Create your own personal watchlist to track stocks that interest you

  • Quickly see what people on Twitter and StockTwits think about the stocks you own

  • Easy access to the charts of the stocks on twitter you follow
Personal Stock Watchlist
Free Twitter Sentiment Blog
  • Updates on market indexes with Twitter momentum

  • Monthly Most Bullish Lists

  • Support and Resistance for the S&P 500 Index computed from traders on Twitter

  • Market trend and breadth indicators computed from bullish vs. bearish stocks on social media
Blog about Twitter and StockTwits sentiment