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Bullish Stocks on Twitter

Bullish Stocks on Twitter

Most Bullish Stocks

The Trade Followers algorithm generates lists of the most bullish stocks on Twitter over time frames ranging from one day to one year.

The stocks with the strongest support from traders and investors on the Twitter stream are great candidates for long term investments and long stock trades.

Turn around plays and new investment candidates can be found by watching for new stocks that show up in the shorter term most bullish lists.

In early July 2014 lululemon athletica (LULU) made it to the one week strongest stocks list. This came after a down trend lasting more than a year. By late July LULU was consistently on the most bullish lists with time frames less than a month. This suggested that LULU might be ready to end a long term down trend.

Stock Buy Signal

Buy Signal

By looking at the detail chart of LULU with Twitter momentum subscribers to Trade Followers could see a trade setup forming.

Price for the stock was falling, but momentum was painting a bullish technical analysis chart pattern. A triangle was forming between a longer term positive divergence from price and a short term confirming down trend line.

This indicated that traders were accumulating stock and tweeting about it. Sentiment was turning from bearish to bullish. In early August a buy signal was created when momentum broke above its down trend line. The bulls had finally won the battle.

Stock Sell Signal

Take Profit

Bullish sentiment remained strong on social media as LULU rounded out a bottom and finally ran higher.

In late December momentum from StockTwits broke its confirming up trend line which indicated traders were taking profit. Traders on Twitter were still positive about the stock, but slowly becoming more bearish.

When bullishness on Twitter breaks the up trend line traders should take profit and investors should pare back their position. This trade gained over 40% via StockTwits bullish momentum and nearly 60% using the Twitter stream as a guide.

Longer term investors should expect some consolidation in the stock when the bullish sentiment from Twitter breaks lower.

Bullish Stocks

Long Term Ideas

Long term portfolio and investment ideas can be found by using the six month to one year most bullish stocks lists.

The stocks on this list were the most loved by money managers and longer term investors on StockTwits during 2014. Most of these stocks are in long term up trends that are supported by investors accumulating on dips.

By viewing the most bullish stocks with multiple time frames displayed you can easily see periods of strength and consolidation. When a strong stock consolidates you can use the method outlined with LULU above to buy the dip.

We give a free list of the most bullish stocks on Twitter on our public blog on the first Friday of each month.

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