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Stock Market Trend Indicators from Twitter

Stock Market Trend from Twitter

Long Term Trend Signals

Trade Followers computes long term stock market trend signals using the breadth between the most bullish and most bearish stocks on Twitter.

When the number of strong stocks on the social media streams are greater than weak stocks the long term trend of the market is up.

Trade Followers breadth readings above zero indicate a long term bullish trend. The Trade Followers long term market trend indicator was positive from 2012 through 2014.

Readings below zero indicate the long term trend is bearish with more stocks showing negative sentiment than positive sentiment.

Warning of a short term top and minor corrections are indicated by negative divergences with price.

Short and Intermediate term trend signals from Twitter

Stock Trade Signals

Short and intermediate term stock trading signals are generated by watching the trend of momentum for individual stocks and market indexes.

We posted a buy signal for Google on our public blog in July of 2013 after seeing the trend of momentum change from bearish to bullish.

The signal closed in March of 2013 with a 35% gain.

By following the sentiment of traders on Twitter you can time your stock trades with other market participants.

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