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Stock Market Sector and Industry Indicators from Twitter

Market Sectors on Twitter

Sector Relative Strength

Trade Followers computes sentiment and momentum scores for over 650 stocks on Twitter.

We aggregate the individual stock scores into sectors and industries then normalize the data to a scale of +100 to -100.

The data is displayed over several time frames and can be sorted by sector or time frame.

This allows you to see which market sectors have the most support from market participants on Twitter as well as rotation between sectors.

Stock Market Industries on Twitter

Industry Relative Strength

The industry list can be sorted by sector, industry, or time frame.

It provides a more detailed view of where money is flowing in the stock market.

Twitter momentum for XLF Trade Followers also tracks Twitter sentiment and momentum for the SPDR Select Sector ETFs.

The sector ETFs can be viewed with their momentum indicators on a price chart.

We do occasional updates about various market sectors and industries on our blog.

Other Features Include