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Stocks on Twitter

Best Stocks on Twitter

Best Stocks on Twitter

Trade Followers makes it easy to find the stocks everyone on social media is buying or selling. We track over 650 Twitter stocks and more than 100 stocks.

Our stock market algorithm quantifies the text of tweets about stocks and indexes and gives you stock lists of the most bullish stocks, most bearish stocks, market trend and breadth, index sentiment, and trade signals.

Twitter Stock Market Algorithm
Our computer system captures and scores tweets and messages about stocks from traders, investors, and money managers on social media using cashtags. Twitter has a community with hundreds of thousands of people who share their ideas about the stock market and individual stocks. We take those ideas and convert them to stock market indicators that can be used to improve your trading, investing, and portfolio construction.

Our algorithm scans tweets about stocks looking for actions, events, opinions, and observations. When it finds information that is bullish or bearish for a stock it adds that information to the stock's momentum score converting it to a technical analysis indicator. Then we use those scores to create trade signals and investment ideas like the most bullish list of stocks.

Twitter Trade Signal

Twitter Trade Signals

Twitter momentum indicators let you quickly see when the herd is turning. These changes in stock sentiment create buy signals, sell signals, and trade setups.

We issued a long trade signal for Twitter stock (TWTR) on 5/29/2014 after seeing the trend of sentiment on the Twitter stream change from bearish to bullish. Our system closed the trade on 9/18/2014 capturing a 50% gain.

Trade Followers subscribers have access to Twitter momentum indicators and watch lists for trade setups for over 650 stocks.

Trade Followers occasionally posts free trade setups from Twitter on our blog.

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