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Technical Analysis Indicators from Twitter

Technical Analysis Indicator from Twitter

Stock Technical Patterns

Trade Followers computes technical analysis indicators for individual stocks and market indexes by quantifying the text of tweets on the Twitter stream.

Momentum and sentiment from Twitter show when traders are accumulating or distributing stock.

Twitter momentum shows common technical stock chart patterns such as divergences, over bought readings, over sold readings, and capitulation.

The Trade Followers social media indicators also show chasing by traders, warn of consolidation, and issue buy and sell signals for individual stocks and the stock market.

Context for Technical Analysis Indicator

Technical Analysis Context

Stock market indicators created from social media have the advantage of context.

Divergences are backed up by the text of tweets so you can see why momentum is rising or falling for a stock.

When sentiment is changing direction you can see buying, selling, hedging, and other actions of market participants that will affect the stock price.

Stock Trade Signal from Twitter

Trade Signals

Time your trades with other traders by using technical analysis indicators created from social media.

After a period of consolidation in late December 2014 momentum from the StockTwits stream for Apple stock (AAPL) showed a buying pattern with a series of higher lows. The newly created up trend line occurred while the stock was trading sideways and indicated that the consolidation was nearing an end.

On 1/23/15 a buy signal was issued for AAPL when momentum broke above the down trend line that was confirming the consolidation for the stock.

When momentum breaks below the new up trend line it will be time to take profit or close the trade.

You can get current trade signals and technical analysis for stocks on our blog.

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